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PSeptember 4, 2013

The EDiS Intern Experience: The Inspirations Drawn from a Walkable Community

I spent the first two month of this summer living just outside of Rome, in a small area called Trastevere. Everything I could ever want was within a 20 minute walk from where I was staying; food, theaters, food, drinks, clothes, entertainment and food. Thank God the food was so close! For those two months I experienced the advantages of a walkable community first hand. It is not a luxury I was willing to part with easily.

There are many advantages to living in a walkable community, accessibility being a major benefit. With everything so close, using a car to travel for daily needs becomes obsolete. Instead, different modes of transportation can be utilized; like lawnmowers.

The before shot of our lawnmower.

The before shot of my friend and my lawnmower project.

Walkable communities usually have homes sitting on smaller lots. Those smaller lots will require less lawn maintenance. So, if you’re moving from your large plot of land into a walkable community, what should you do with your old lawnmower? Easy. A couple modifications and you can have your own high speed, racing lawnmower to use for daily travel.

The aftermath of the lawnmower project.

The aftermath of the lawnmower project.

My friend I have been working on ours for three weeks and it’s easier than either of us thought it would be. The hardest part for us was actually getting the old, beat up machine running. Grab yourself a new belt and switch out the size of the pulleys on the transmission and your mower will jump to new speeds! You might need a couple of toolsthat aren’t found as easily in everyone’s shed, like a wheel puller, but nothing’s too expensive down at AutoZone. As a final touch to get as many RPM’S as you can out of your engine, find the governor on the carburetor and override it.

As extra inspiration to create your own transportation I have included before and after pictures of my mower.

Now that you have a new use for your old mower, the possibilities are endless. Take it to the store, drive to work, or race your neighbors. Just be sure to wear a helmet!

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Click here to take a look at the walkable community being built in Delaware, the Town of Whitehall


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