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PAugust 21, 2013

The EDiS Intern Experience: Revisiting the New Dover High School a Year Later

This summer, I was blessed to be an intern for the second consecutive year with EDiS Company working on the New Dover High School. This summer was filled with endless adventures and many opportunities. With less than a year from the scheduled completion date, the clock is ticking and everyone can feel the pressure down at Dover High School. I entered this internship last summer as someone who had never touched a tool in his life, and I am now continuing to expand my skills. I even was able to help a temporary carpenter insulate the high school for temporary air conditioning.


Capital School District Dover High School Progress Photo 06/13

In the second term of my internship, I learned the value of a hard day’s work and what it really means to sweat. I learned how to climb in elevator pits, even going for a “swim” one day after a large rainstorm. I put up many safety signs around the building and instructed many new contractors on current EDiS safety policies and procedures. I worked primarily in the trailer on the closeout documents. I contacted contractors who were more than 50 percent complete with their contracts about sending their contracts in. I also compiled a matrix of all closeout documents needed. Even though I will be studying business and not construction management, doing these tasks continued to develop my interpersonal skills, which will be vital as I move into the business world.


Dover High School PM Kevin Lucas with Willie.

This summer was an extremely beneficial summer for my intellectual growth. Succeeding in school and succeeding in the real world are two very different entities. Real world experience is what teaches us how to utilize what we have learned in school and apply it in a creative manner. Working in an industry where one mistake on a project could change the entire outcome of a facility certainly beckons you to rely on what you have learned. The ability to work in that type of environment in addition to the development of interpersonal skills are, in my opinion, essential and will ultimately separate me from my peers when applying to full-time jobs in three years. I am humbled to be able to work for the second straight year for a company that is truly amazing. From the moment I began working here, I felt like a member of the family and that is what makes EDiS distinct and truly remarkable.

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