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PAugust 1, 2014

The EDiS Intern Experience: Individuals Play the Game, but Teams Beat the Odds

During my summer internship at EDiS construction management, I had the opportunity to work within their Construction Safety and Quality Control divisions. I have never been more excited to come to work every day. The camaraderie within EDiS is unmatched in any place that I have experienced, in or out of the military. Everyone is friendly and they are all true team players that consider it their duty to help other members of the team at any time. 

Intern Wayne St. James giving a speech at the EDiS Quarterly Meeting.

Intern, Wayne St. James, giving a speech at the EDiS Quarterly Meeting.

As a prevailing Navy SEAL saying goes, “Individuals play the game, but teams beat the odds”.  At EDiS, this is lived out every day. This team of individual professionals acts as one company to accomplish giant goals. I personally admire this quality at EDiS because it’s hard to find anywhere else and is an essential component in a successful company.

While working at EDiS, I learned about mechanics, quality control and safety. I worked directly with Mike Vanella and Jim Ruggiero in my Department, but I also had the opportunity to work with various project managers, subcontractors and clients.

In my twelve years of work experience, I have never felt like I have had so much affirmation. The people that I interact with here treat everyone as a capable member of the family. Jim Ruggiero, EDiS’ Construction Safety Manager, summed up the work ethic perfectly by stating “You have your job, and I have mine. We do not cross or undermine each other no matter what, but we always back each other up when it is necessary”.  I have not seen anyone micro-managing or judging others harshly and I feel as though that allows me to accomplish my tasks and goals with the support of the entire staff.


One prime thing I have learned about this company is, that when people hear “EDiS Construction Management”, they think construction big and small. The keyword is management. When I came to work for EDiS, I already had a large knowledge base of construction, but when the summer ends, I will have seen practical management being applied at every level: management that I would not have had the opportunity to learn anywhere else.

Lastly, but most important of all, I had fun working at EDiS. The people are kind and every day is a new challenge. I enjoy being in a different place, meeting new people and, most of all, learning new things. In my opinion, there is nothing more professionally affirming than the expansion of my knowledge base.

Thank you, EDiS, for a great summer experience and I hope to work with you all in the future!



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