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PAugust 6, 2012

The EDiS Intern Experience: In the Field at New Dover High School

My first summer with EDiS Company was a summer to remember, to put things mildly. I was placed in the field trailer on the new Dover High School site to oversee the information technology aspect of the job. I have been a computer geek since before I could walk. If my family had any issues related to technology, they came to me. When Michael Buck threw me a drill and said, “Willy, take off that door” I said, “Mike, I’ve never used a drill in my life”. It’s the truth: I have never used a drill, or any tools for that matter, nor have I really done any outdoor work. This internship was fantastic because, not only did I see how technology is used in the construction world, but I also learned some life lessons I will never forget.

One of the most important aspects I got to experience this summer was attending meetings. In school, I am majoring in Information Systems with three separate minors specializing in business, so I will be in meetings for the rest of my life. Having the opportunity to see how meetings are ran on a daily basis and being able to put forth some input in these meetings was extremely beneficial. I have learned that it takes organization and a strong presence to command a successful meeting. I also had the opportunity of sitting in on one or two Building Information Modeling (BIM) meetings with Kevin and Andrew. BIM is a very interesting topic and it was very interesting to see just a little bit of how it works.

This summer truly was a great summer and I was blessed to have such a wonderful opportunity. EDiS is a great company with some of the kindest “real” people I have ever met. Everyone in the company is like a family: you can sense that the first day on the job, and I was welcomed into that family with open arms. This summer I learned many things that I probably would not have learned elsewhere and most importantly I had fun. If I learned anything though, as Mr. Brad Cowen told me the first day, “You don’t know anything. Don’t do anything or answer questions and you will be fine”.

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