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PSeptember 11, 2013

The EDiS Intern Experience: A Multidimensional Lesson in the World of Marketing

Working at EDiS this summer has been an exciting and unique experience. When receiving an offer to come work for a company that primarily handles aspects of construction management (or so I thought), I was completely unsure of the tasks I would be working on. Considering I am a Communications Studies major, I wondered how my educational skill set would benefit the company. I could have never imagined EDiS would offer me useful life information and I would be more knowledgeable about company then I had ever been as an outsider looking in all these years.

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 9.40.32 AM

A screen shot of the new layout for EDiSCompany.com

Starting in the Marketing Department at EDiS was quite unnerving initially. My curriculum did not require such classes; therefore I was left feeling like I would certainly be filing papers that someone had left lying around, unattended to. Truly, I was expecting the classic intern experience. Surprisingly, I was automatically put to work. My task was to obtain information to update biographies for all the Leadership members of the company for the brand new EDiS website. How was I supposed to badger the busy people running the company for personal information? Surely there were better things they had to do with their time. What I discovered through my experiences that makes EDiS different than many big companies was the open door policy. The leaders had a willingness to speak with me which made the interviewing process for the website move forward seamlessly. All parties were informative and pleasant to have conversations with. I truly enjoyed learning about both the company and those who had been so influential in its success. This made me feel right at home, and I know there are mutual feelings for all fortunate enough to be welcomed into the EDiS family.

Working on the new EDiS website was an extremely exciting and gratifying project. After exploring the old website in and out, I had a vague idea of what might be going into the new project. The task was to take the key aspects of the old information and turn them into a personalized and customer-oriented site. As I became more involved with the website, I started to realize how much was not being articulated about what made EDiS unique. It could not be properly portrayed in the form of stagnant wording on a computer screen. Part of my responsibilities included finding company photos for the website. I looked through every picture the marketing server had to offer, (which was a ton!). I edited project photos, found culture images from numerous events/community involvements and explored pictures to accompany the biography write ups. There was so much that these pictures told that could not be simply said through text. I began to understand why the marketing department chose a highly image based design to represent EDiS. It truly displayed their strengths. Each picture spoke volumes on the teamwork, perfection on the project side, both through management and completion, in depth company history and the genuine bond the employees of EDiS have. Additionally, the text incorporated thoroughly explained exactly what EDiS has to offer throughout the whole pre-construction to closeout process in their focus on the “Plan, Build, Operate” philosophy.

970460_651602278185180_1547094593_nFrom a marketing stand point, this was a very beneficial internship that applies to Communication studies more than it had initially presented. It combined both aspects of representing a company to retain repeat loyal customers, while allowing new relationships to be established. The experience also taught me that the presence you make through technology needs to be carefully thought through and presented in an authentic fashion, while still being able to describe what it is you can offer the customer. The progression and completion of the website demonstrated how every step along the way was crucial in creating the overall effect. Every addition and pull from the website was carefully analyzed based on the client’s point of view of the website content; from safety compliance of job site photos to the easy to access tabs.  One could say that this whole project opened my eyes to how important playing to your own strengths is in life and remembering that every little detail makes a difference. Whether, such lessons are used personally or professionally they will help any young adult succeed in the business world. I could not have guessed how much I would learned about my own interest, passions and strengths by being granted this opportunity at EDiS.

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