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PApril 27, 2012

The EDiS Institute Impact

Where were you April 19 2012? That’s the question everyone will be asking you.  Your reply should be, “I was at the 2012 EDiS Institute”.  What is the EDiS Institute?  Good Question.  The Institute was established by EDiS to help inform the construction industry and the students who have shown an interest in the construction field about future trends, economic outlooks, and industry related tips.  The Institutes attendees are as diverse in their business in the construction field as they are in age and experience.  Local politicians, government agencies, tradesmen, post-secondary students, high school students, architects, and engineers are just some of those who attended the event.  This year’s Institute featured Economist John E. Stapleford, Ph.D., Professional Speaker John R. Patterson, and Architect and Engineer Andres Duany, F.A.I.A.  These men spoke on the economy, customer service, and community with an emphasis on Green planning and development. The EDiS Institute is a great way to stay informed on what is to come and what you can do to set you and your business apart from the rest in your respective fields.

“There is more to Life than Work…”

CUniatowski041912-053John Stapleford spoke on the economic future of the construction industry.  The message was loud and clear: work will continue to dwindle in the Northeastern region before a slow climb.   The market will eventually come back to what it was before the recession, but it will be a steady, uphill battle unlike the recent years of rapidly declining work. As most of the professionals in the industry know, this has been true, especially in the last year or two as owners are contacting A & E and contractors are starting to see more bid invitations.  The message, although blunt, was valuable to the psyche of the students who have heard grim stories of the low employment opportunities and future outlook of the construction industry.  With gray skies still above, a rainbow is on the horizon.


“How your customers have changed and what to do about it…”

John Patterson gave an interesting tale of the new wave of customers and the innovation of technology.  As technology, new devices, social media websites, and the Internet are becoming more vital in industry, customer relations is also changing.  John likes to use the term “High Tech without High Touch” which means that, although, in the old days of business, a customer would interview perspective companies to do business with, today, with a click of a mouse or tap of the finger, they can read all about your company and immediately deliver reviews and feedback.  New or old, the dynamics of the customer and the company relations is always evolving and anyone attending the Institute now knows.  The students could also see how their tweets, social network profiles, and “Likes” relate to business and customer interactions.

Lastly, Andres Duany grabbed the attention of all those in attendance with his speech on Urbanism and environmentally sustainable techniques.  Andres talked about planning communities with smaller footprints to increase healthy lifestyles and reduce pollutants caused by automobile emissions.  These communities call for implementing small shopping districts, comingled with community buildings and residential housing like the Whitehall project that is planned just south of the C&D Canal.  He also discussed the four types of marketing strategies needed to appeal to the four types of consumers.  Lots of companies were very interested in the four strategies of marketing due to the ever-growing need to be green and sell green products or ideas in today’s ecofriendly world.  The students also learned about the planning process of the communities that they will be building and helping to create in the near future.

The EDiS Institute was a great success this year as it has been in the past.  All who attended the event gained a wealth of knowledge on the economic future of the construction industry, customer relations, technology, and Green planning and development.  The Institute helps the Vo-Tech schools and Post-secondary schools, as well as their students, display their skills to the construction industry and to each other.  If you did not get the opportunity to enjoy all the information, displays and attendees at the 2012 EDiS Institute, you have another opportunity at the 2014 EDiS Institute.  See you there!

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