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PMarch 17, 2011

Solar Panels and Geothermal and Wind Turbines…Oh My!

To continue what seems to have become my never-ending blog on greening your home, I would like to talk about the various methods of sustainable energy in the residential market. Since purchasing my house I have been researching the many forms of home sustainable energy and would like to pass on this knowledge here. The government is currently providing a number of tax incentives and other benefits to installing sustainable systems in your house. The first and most common form of residential sustainable energy is solar panels. I don’t think that I need to describe this method here. Everyone now has probably seen a house in a local neighborhood which has installed solar panels. The benefits from solar panels are fairly straightforward; it will save you costs on your energy bill and you can get money by selling energy back to the power companies. The downfalls for solar power are just as straightforward; they are not aesthetically pleasing and fairly ugly on your roof, and you need a good amount of roof space to make the payoff worth the upfront cost. Since I live in a townhouse, I would need to gather my neighbors together to split the cost and install the panels across all of our homes. This just poses a logistical problem and potential arguments every time we receive our power bills. This is the first of the three methods of sustainable home construction. I will discuss the next two in my upcoming blogs.


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