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PMay 13, 2019

EDiS Observes OSHA National Stand Down for Safety 2019

May 6th to May 10th was the OSHA National Stand Down for Safety week across the country and EDiS Company was proud to contribute to a #CultureOfSafety by holding several safety talks across our numerous active job sites. Director of Safety & Health, Jim Ruggiero, was at the forefront of each of these talks, prepared with informational hand-outs, a comprehensive speech, and an attentive readiness to answer any questions or concerns held by workers.

Educating construction workers about fall prevention was Jim’s primary goal throughout these talks. Donning his harness, Jim demonstrated what proper harness etiquette looks and feels like and how to protect your body in the event of an emergency. Blending seamlessly into this important message were other lessons to be learned about fall protection awareness and ladder safety tips. At each active work site Jim visited, he shared personal recollections of the consequences unsafe practices bring, detailed statistics of who and how work safety affects, and easy to exercise habits that can save lives.

National Safety Stand Down Week may be over for this year, but Jim Ruggiero’s job isn’t. Job site safety is always on his radar and his efforts to spread awareness about safe practices is ongoing. June is National Safety Month and is right around the corner. EDiS will be working closely with him to showcase his continuous efforts to mitigate hazards, document compliance to safety standards, and to ensure worker safety throughout each and every one of our projects.

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