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PAugust 9, 2017

Once a Year is Not Enough

July 25 was National Hire a Veteran Day. Each year, thousands of military personnel leave the armed forces in search of civilian employment. These men and women risk their own life, liberty, and freedom to preserve ours, and when they come home, we owe them a debt that cannot be repaid.

My question though – why do we need National Hire a Veteran Day? To me, hiring veterans should be a given. Paying your tax dollars and then assuming our veterans are taken care of is not enough. Having one day a year to shine a spotlight on helping our veterans succeed is not enough. We need to do more, and we can do better.

It is excellent to see our business community rallying behind returning warriors. Many organizations, including Hire Our Heroes (hireourheroes.org) and others like it, provide job placement assistance and networking for veterans. EDiS is proud to partner with service organizations like Suiting Warriors (www.suitingwarriors.org), providing professional business attire to support and empower veterans during their job search. Supporting these and other veteran-focused organizations can have huge impacts for veterans they transition to the civilian workforce.

At EDiS we are honored to have a long line of veterans who were a vital part of building our company, and we have several veterans now who are helping us flourish. Their military experience has made them excellent problem solvers, organized managers, hard workers that appreciate the same in others, and team mates that we can trust. More important than all that, though, is they are excellent human beings who have shown their dedication to us all though their service to our country. Check out Retired Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel, actor and comedian Rob Riggle showing us just some of the benefits veterans bring: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rMCkj9jbuJU

Consider hiring a veteran. Make their lives, and your company, better.


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