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PMay 9, 2019

National Safety Stand Down Week 2019

This week is National Safety Stand Down Week across the nation, and at EDiS, our #CultureOfSafety is paramount to our success as a business and reputation as a construction management company. We followed our Director of Safety & Health, Jim Ruggiero, as he held multiple safety talks directly with our subcontractors and partners stationed at active job sites. The goal was to observe Jim as he explained the importance of harness safety, how to properly cordon off potentially hazardous areas such as loading docks, ladders, and stairwells, and to inform workers of ladder safety. Holding multiple stand downs across numerous active job sites, Jim was able to reach every single worker with personal stories, hard facts, and important updates to existing policies. Thinking ahead, Jim also printed out everything he discussed in handy Toolbox Talk packets to be relayed to foremen and company managers.

At the forefront of these safety talks, Jim stressed humility, citing his drive for work site safety over bruising egos. The easiest way to prevent an accident from occurring is to speak up if you see something. This goes for checking on your own safety practices as well as what your coworkers do to safeguard their own wellbeing. With this in mind, Jim was able to appeal to everyone from the veteran construction workers to the younger workers. Heads were nodding, eyes were reading, and ears were listening.

This week may be National Safety Stand Down week, but every day of every year is an opportunity to practice safe habits on active construction sites. At EDiS, we make it a point to reiterate our commitment to safety regardless of the day, week, or month, and we look forward to following Jim’s dedication to this culture of safety for years to come.


“I’m not here because I’m required to be here. I’m here because I care and because I want to see each and every one of you get home safe every night.” -Jim Ruggiero, Director of Safety & Health

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