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PAugust 9, 2018

EDiS Recognized With Freedom Award

EDiS Company has a 110-year history of employing veterans and supporting veterans’ causes. EDiS honors those who have served, and who have taught us the value of sacrifice. Men like Dominick DiSabatino, Ernie DiSabatino, Clarence “Sabby” DiSabatino, Gene DiSabatino, Dickie DiSabatino, Ted Dwyer, Bruce Braughton, Ron Skipski, Teddy DiTaddeo, Corky Sparco, Chris McCone, PJ Anderson, and Christian Lositio know the true meaning service to our country, and we are eternally grateful for their sacrifices.

LEFT TO RIGHT: Colonel Arthur Rodi, Mr. PJ Anderson, Mr. Christian McCone, Major General Carol Timmons, and Mr. Gary Stockbridge

The Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR)  is a Department of Defense program that encourages businesses to recognize and support employees who serve in the military. Every year, ESGR holds a banquet to honor employers who promote this mission. At the Dover Downs Conference Center during this year’s August 2nd ceremony, EDiS was recognized for the Secretary of Defense Freedom Award for small businesses at the state level, and was also chosen by the state chapter to be a national representative. What makes this award even more special – companies do not nominate themselves; instead, an employee-member of the Guard or Reserve makes the nomination.

P.J. Anderson, a current member of the Reserve who works in the EDiS estimating department, nominated EDiS after reflecting on his experience here thus far. In addition to upholding policies for pay and benefits to members when commitment requires it, “EDiS creates a positive working environment,” PJ explains. This stems from all of the “little things” that EDiS does to help employees, such as providing services and aid to the families of members of the Guard and Reserve when they are called to serve.

EDiS also shows support for veterans within the community by supporting organizations including 22in22 and sponsoring events such as Vet Fest.

Family and community are the cornerstones of the EDiS culture, and this recognition highlights the EDiS commitment to both.

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