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PMay 4, 2020

EDiS Company Sponsors “Return to Work Safely” Discussions

“Work is in the DNA of every Delawarean. Making a contribution to the betterment of our community resides deep in our souls. Therefore, there is an understandable restlessness to get back into operations, supporting our co-workers, and lifting our community.” – EDiS Company CEO Brian DiSabatino

EDiS Company, fortunate enough to be deemed “an essential business,” is proud to be sponsoring talks between partner ChristianaCare, Delaware State Chamber of Commerce, and Access DX Labs. Hoping to share what was learned during the past eight weeks about keeping worksites healthy, EDiS hopes to support the ongoing efforts to get the Delaware economy back on its feet. Business operations can and should return to a sustainable level without jeopardizing employee or customer safety.

To provide information on screening, monitoring, and testing, discussions will include:

1. Workplace best practices – screening, leave policies, and social distancing.

2. Supporting the continuum of COVID-19 care in the workplace – daily symptom monitoring/recording, emphasizing telehealth options, and ordering/coordinating testing for individual employees.

3. COVID-19 testing FAQs – the importance of testing, current testing criteria, different types of testing and their availability and reliability, and purchasing considerations.

Register here to attend: https://web.dscc.com/events/Return-to-Work-Safely-COVID19-Screening-Monitoring-Testing-2528/details

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