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PMarch 10, 2020

ChristianaCare Selects Town of Whitehall for New Primary Care Practice

The Town of Whitehall, the first town to be created in Delaware in over a century, is pleased to announce that ChristianaCare is the lead occupant of the Whitehall Wellness and Professional Center.

As one of the two partners at Whitehall, EDiS Company is developing the Wellness and Professional Center. Strategically positioned across from the new 800-student Lorewood Grove Elementary School, the 20,000-square-foot center designed by Architectural Alliance will serve as a pillar of health for Whitehall and the greater community. In the planning phase for more than a decade, this facility speaks to the philosophy of Whitehall to build a better community through health. Wellness will now literally sit at the intersection of community and education as this facility will take center stage in the town center.

“Along with my partners at EDiS and at Eastern States Development, we have been incrementally weaving together the fabric of a town that will last into the next century.  We are honored that ChristianaCare supports our vision,” said Brian DiSabatino, Town Founder.

ChristianaCare will offer primary care at this new location, plus additional health care services that are still being planned.

“We are on a mission to deliver the right care, at the right place for everyone, in all the communities we serve,” said Mike Eppehimer, MHSA, FACHE, president of the ChristianaCare Medical Group. “Being situated in the center of Delaware’s newest walkable and bikeable community enables us to serve our neighbors in the most literal sense. We look forward to being expert, caring partners in health to the families of Whitehall and the surrounding neighborhoods.”

The new facility is expected to open in 2021.

ChristianaCare, which currently has 17 primary care practices throughout the region, will occupy 10,000 square feet on the ground level of the Whitehall Wellness and Professional Center. Additional tenants are expected to be announced soon. EDiS Company, as the developer and design-builder, will continue to vet proposals from other interested tenants.

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