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PMarch 15, 2011

Our New Competitors – Google, Southwest, Wal-Mart and Apple

I have bad news. There are new competitors in town. They are well capitalized, have ten times the marketing budgets we have and our clients love them. Who are they? Google, Southwest Airlines, Wal-Mart and Apple.

Silly you say? Who is going to purchase construction from Google, estimating services from Southwest, facility management from Wal-Mart or Butler Buildings from Apple?  No one. What they are going to receive from these organizations are superb experiences. The problem? These experiences translate into, “Why can’t you do that for me at EDiS?”

How long does it take you to get a response from Google?  Well, the next time our clients call with a question, we had better respond with Google like speed and accuracy. Our focus on BIM certainly will speed up our discovery of design problems.

How can Southwest get passengers to stand in a goofy line and offer, “bags fly free?”  They have processes that make everything from purchasing tickets to flying in their planes a pleasure by making them a non-event. I am excited that we are leveraging our COMPASS delivery system to work out kinks so that flying with EDiS is a “non-event.”

Want something inexpensively? Where do you go? Wal-Mart. So how do we leverage our relationships with subcontractors, suppliers, banks, etc… for the benefit of our clients? Are we ready for a buying consortium?

And how about Apple? During the recession…the only busy store in the mall. Why? They have more innovative products and their staff is better trained to handle dummies like me. I’m excited to hear that we are going to refocus on our EDiS Academy to have Apple-like trained professionals.

Today we must focus on creating loyal customers by adopting the standards and norms customers learn from all industries – especially companies that deliver superior experiences.

Our customers are smarter and expect more. Let’s give it to them!


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