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PMarch 23, 2012

Is Construction for the Birds?

What do parrots have to do with construction? Well, nothing, except that the same technique of training parrots can be applied to those learning new skills in the construction environment, or any environment for that matter.

My experience with parrots started several years ago when a little blue parakeet, weighing 45 grams, won our hearts. Since then we’ve gone on to adopt four additional birds and my husband and I also volunteered for a local rescue, The Bailey Foundation, which takes in unwanted birds, rehabilitates and re-homes them.  Along the way I read everything I could about parrot care and training. What I learned was that after decades of research, professional parrot trainers, such as Barbara Heidenreich, have perfected the training technique known as positive reinforcement, with amazing results.  In addition to positive reinforcement training, socialization is a very important part of training for parrots. It enforces good behavior with strangers, which is especially critical when going to the vet!

In my opinion, we humans benefit from a little positive reinforcement as well. An example might be a “Great job!” for a job well done thereby reinforcing the behavior so that it will occur again in the future. Who doesn’t like to hear “Great job!” from their boss? Here at EDiS, positive reinforcement comes naturally from our bosses and our peers. It’s always nice to get an email from Brian DiSabatino, our President, giving accolades for a job well done whether it be for acquiring a new project and hopefully a loyal customer or for completing a project on time, within budget and satisfying our customer. It also reinforces our core values at EDiS – Accountability, Teamwork, Consistency, Communication, Integrity, People, Quality, Reliability and Support of Our Customers’ Interests.

And as for the socialization training, here at EDiS, we’ve got that down pat as well!

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