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PFebruary 7, 2013

Is A Handwritten Note Extinct with Today’s Technology?

After owning and operating my own retail business for 23 years, I am happy to join another family-owned business.  EDiS employees made me feel welcome during my first month.    I was pleasantly surprised after my first week to open four handwritten notes from Andy, Brian, Rick and Andrew DiSabatino III welcoming me to the EDiS family.   That extra-personalized touch in today’s day of technology gives an everlasting impression and says a lot about the EDiS Family.

It was always a policy at my store to send a handwritten note to every customer that signed up for the mailing list, and it was nice to be on the receiving end this time.  Do you remember the last time you received a hand written note?  It may have been awhile, but if you do remember you probably also remember who it was from.

My kids think I’m nuts (but that’s beside the point) because I still encourage them to occasionally handwrite a note instead of sending an email.  I tell them to remember when they were away at camp during mail call, anticipating if Mom mailed a care package or envelope filled with who knows what.  That is like a handwritten note today – An unexpected surprise that will always get opened when flipping through the mail.

In today’s fast-paced world, the younger generation thinks a handwritten note is a waste of paper and a stamp.  Why use “snail mail” when you can just send it electronically.  And there lies the point –Technology has taken a primary role in sending and receiving notes today that soon handwritten notes may become extinct.

hand-writingBy adding in an extra handwritten note along the way is a gesture that will make you stand out personally and professionally.  Sending a handwritten note today will create attention and differentiation just due to the fact that they are not that common anymore. It is a great relationship builder.  It conveys a message that you care enough to take the time to recognize them, that they were on your mind and that you value the relationship with them whether it be personally or professionally.  It is a sincere message that focuses your personal attention on them.

There is a real trust that builds within the pages and in between the lines of a handwritten note.  The personal touch of a handwritten note winds up holding a deeper meaning than many of us may know; as well as creates a personal memento.  A pen is mightier than clicking “send”.

Thank you EDiS for a warm welcome and for keeping the handwritten note alive.   I look forward to being part of the family.


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