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PAugust 25, 2011

Hurricane Irene

Since I am an amateur weather junkie, the unfolding story on Hurricane Irene is almost captivating. But it is a serious threat to our buildings and our homes and not to be taken lightly. So what can we do today and tomorrow to prepare our buildings for this approaching storm?

  1. hurricane-season-300x198A roof inspection is a must. Bring a large plastic bag and inspect all your roof drains and remove any loose debris. 8 inches of continual rainfall will strain even a clear and unobstructed roof drain. If there is any unsecured equipment on the roof like a ladder, window washing tools or even a lounge chair (don’t laugh) bring them inside or tie securely with a rope.
  2. Walk around the perimeter of your building and note any loose trash cans, loose benches or chairs, cigarette disposal units, portable planters, flags on flag poles, safety cones, temporary signs…get the message? Get them inside or secured.
  3. Inspect your storm water catch basins and remove any debris so those basins are free flowing.
  4. If you are an EDiS customer and you have a question or issue with your building please remember we have a customer emergency hotline phone number….302-995-5565 or feel free to call our main number during regular business hours for the same information…302-421-5700

For the best hurricane track I could find to keep you up to date and informed try http://www.hurricanetrack.com/

For the home front FEMA has done a good job with storm guidelines.  To read more go to http://www.ctpost.com/local/article/As-Irene-looms-some-hurricane-preparation-tips-2140413.php#ixzz1W2vG2GLq

Good luck!

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