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PJanuary 8, 2016

How is Virtual Reality Designing the Laboratory Spaces of the Future?

What if there was a technology that allowed you to work in your laboratory to find the proper design features for your workflow, before the space was built? EDiS is now utilizing virtual reality technology to host 3-D, functional models that clients can work in to show them what the actual design would be like in real life.

How does it work?
Picture how a video game operates – virtual reality design is not far from that concept. Construction Managers can design a space in the virtual world through Building Information Modeling (BIM.) After an expert builds a model in the BIM program, that model can then be imported into a virtual world that creates a game-type user interface for the client.

What do you need?
Virtual Reality design can be experienced through a program called “Unity” that is accessible from an Xbox gaming system. Our client would put on a set of goggles or use a smartphone that is linked to the system. The goggles or the smartphone create a virtual, 3-D version of the client’s desired space so that they are able to determine what changes or adjustments should be made to the design model to better accommodate their needs. This allows the client to make changes to the design in the planning phase, so that they can avoid added cost during construction.

The video below was created by WorldViz Technology Laboratory to exemplify the virtual reality design process and outline the program’s capabilities:

Virtual Realty Building Information Modeling Mock Up Video

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