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PMarch 11, 2011

Watch Out Paper – There is a New Guy Intown

A construction project is made up of millions of little details.

What materials were used? Who installed which unit? What was decided about this submittal? How many workers were onsite last Monday?

All of the answers to these questions (and the questions themselves) are the details that make up each project. Traditionally, most of these details were created and completed using paper. That, however, has changed for EDiS thanks to BuildingBlok.buildingblok_logo_largeWhat is BuildingBlok? BuildingBlok is a web-based construction management system that is moving EDiS off paper and onto the Internet. In the past, a subcontractor would create a change order on a paper form and then send (snail mail) the paper form to EDiS. EDiS would review the change order and if they approved they would sign it and snail mail it to the architect for approval. If the architect found something that needed to be changed, it would be sent back to EDiS who would then have to send it back to the sub. The process was time consuming (it took weeks to complete each change order) and expensive (there are costs associated with paper, printing, faxing, shipping and processing). Enter BuildingBlok.

Now subcontractors create the change order online and as soon as they hit save, the newly created change order is assigned to the EDiS project manager – who is instantly notified via email. There’s NO paper. The project manager can digitally sign it online and move it along to the architect in seconds. BuildingBlok will even create the log automatically. Where it once took weeks to process each change order it now takes days – even hours. We’ve found that moving our processes to BuildingBlok, has helped us save money, be even more environmentally conscience and streamline inefficient systems so we have more time to concentrate on what we do best, build buildings.


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