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POctober 17, 2012

Help for an EDiS Hero

At a company event five years ago, our colleague, Kevin Lucas, dressed up as Mr. Reliability: donning tights, a mask and a cape.  The result was a room of 70+ EDiS Employees learning and hysterically laughing together.  This week EDiS pulled together to return the favor. EDiS employees took turns sporting the look of our very own caped crusader to show we were thinking of Kevin during his time of need and wishing he and his family the very best.

Click here to view our Youtube video tribute to Kevin

Our dear friend and hero, Kevin Lucas, is in need of a kidney.

We are sharing this message and video in the hopes it will reach someone who is interested or knows someone who may want to help by being a donor.  His blood type is B-. He can accept kidneys directly from blood types O and B.  If you are not blood type O or B there is a paired kidney exchange program or kidney swap available. You can remain anonymous.  To inquire about donating contact Emily at Christiana Care #302-623-3866 (reference: Kevin Lucas 1961).

A green cape no less…quite fitting given that green is the color commonly associated with organ donation awareness. Please help us raise awareness for Kevin by sharing this link.

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