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PJune 4, 2013

Greenwood, Delaware’s Woodbridge High School Topping Off Ceremony: How Teamwork Made the Dream a Reality

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending the Woodbridge High School Topping Off Event in Greenwood, Delaware.  It was a truly unique experience and a fantastic display of leadership as well as internal and external teamwork. 

Originally, the event was scheduled to take place in the parking lot, away from the work areas; however, the weather did not cooperate with our plans.  We had to move the entire ceremony inside the building, but we did not miss a step.  Our close-working relationship with the folks at Woodbridge facilitated this on-course venue correction.  That’s what good leaders and team members do!

DSC_0038Woodbridge School District’s Director of Administrative Services, Dr. John Marinucci and EDiS’ own Senior Project Manager, Diana Patille and Field Manager, Joe Barba re-arranged their plans to hold the event inside the building.  Unfortunately, we now faced another issue. The location change would require us to bring the students, faculty, board members and friends into the active worksite.  The Team knew immediately that this was a serious safety concern and took appropriate action to create a safe area for the Topping Out.  Jim Ruggiero, EDiS Safety Manager, was contacted to review and coordinate all the safety precautions.  Jim went to the Woodbridge jobsite to assist Diana and Joe with the safety planning and implementation of the plan.

Dr. Marinucci was extremely happy that we were able to keep working, be safe and hold the topping out event.  He mentioned that the students and faculty could see the work in progress, which was a nice addition to the ceremony.

How did something, that could have made a turn for the ugly, go off without a hitch? Teamwork among EDiS and Woodbridge School District made this all possible.

As I was listening to the speeches given by Woodbridge School District’s Board President, Mr. P. Michael Breeding, Superintendent, Mr. Heath Chasanov and Dr. John Marinucci, it became evident that the folks from Woodbridge were team-oriented and had a positive work ethic. This High School project was the last piece of a vision for the District that began back in 1969 and board members, Mr. Breeding and Mr. Chasanov were a great part of this vision.

DSC_0150The Woodbridge High School project was the dream of many people and forty-four years of dedicated hard work and teamwork made it come true.

Dr. Marinucci commented on the high quality of workmanship and the special efforts by the men and women who are building their new high school.  He added that it is because of proper planning and teamwork that this project was moving so well.  The positive attitudes and working relationships are the key to success.

After the speeches, students and faculty signed the beam that will be the last piece of steel set.  The completion of this building will represent fulfillment of their dream and mark the beginning of a new vision to provide the District with a high school education for future generations of Woodbridge students.

We are so proud to be part of the Woodbridge dream!

To learn more about the construction process and the team effort involved at Woodbridge High School, be sure to read Senior Project Manager, Diana Patille’s blog“New Woodbridge High School: It’s All About the Mojo”. 

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