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PMay 9, 2017

EDiS Stands Down for Safety

Safety Stand DownThis week, May 8 – 12th 2017, once again marks OSHA’s National Safety Stand-Down to prevent falls in construction. A Safety Stand-Down is a voluntary event where we as employers talk directly to the team working on our construction sites about fall prevention. EDiS Company holds a Safety Stand-Down by stopping work activities and gathering all contractors together to focus on preventing fall hazards and reinforcing the importance of fall prevention. We also use this opportunity to engage contractors in conversation to share their experience in fall prevention and hazard awareness preparation. ┬áIt can also be an opportunity for employees to talk to management about an upcoming fall prevention method to be used.

During this week, we will be conducting Safety Stand-Downs at three of our active job sites: Winterthur, the Route 9 Library, and Howard High School. Check us out on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter using hashtag #StandDown4Safety.

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