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PAugust 7, 2015

EDiS Internship Experience: Teamwork and the Importance of Building Relationships

My internship at EDiS has been a valuable learning experience. Over the past three months, I have worked in the Marketing Department under Jennifer Paige and Angela LaPenta. Besides the usual intern work one would expect at a summer job, Jennifer and Angie gave me many tasks one would not expect. While working as a Marketing Intern, I was given the opportunity to craft blogs that were published on the website, write a news release that was published in several papers, create a video which was shown to the whole company to inform them on things their fellow employees have accomplished, and they let me sit in on many important meetings. This internship has exceeded my expectations. I was given real responsibilities and have been able to showcase my talents while leaning every step of the way. The most valuable lessons I have gained from my internship at EDiS are teamwork, maintaining a positive image, and the importance of building relationships.

At EDiS, nothing is a one-man job. It takes a team to produce the quality of work the company is known for. In the marketing department I was able to witness teamwork through the collaboration of proposals, development of logo and graphic designs, attendance of informative meetings and much more. By giving me the opportunity to be a part of these things, I have learned the lesson of how important it is to be able to work in a team. The greatest example of teamwork was during the creation of proposals. I found out the process takes everyone who intends to be a part of a project’s collaboration and effort as well as the Marketing Department to put the final product together. Without the initial effort of everyone, things become much more difficult than they need to be. I got to witness three proposals from start to finish, each one uniquely done, which made it a huge learning experience.

In construction, I learned, one mistake could put the whole company’s name on the line. A good reputation is everything. EDiS has worked over one hundred years building their reputation and they do not take it lightly. Future customers know that, when it comes time to hire a builder, they can trust EDiS to do an outstanding job because of their past work history. I have witnessed firsthand how much even the little details of every project matter to EDiS. This has taught me that a good reputation takes years to make and a day to break; I will take this with me in everything I do in the future.

Lastly, I learned how important it is to build IMG_4197relationships with clients, which I really enjoyed learning about due to being a Communications major. EDiS builds strong relationships with the community through service, education, mentor programs, and events that they hold. It is important to be successful, however my internship at EDiS has taught me that it is much more important to have your community benefit from your success. Without the community, EDiS would not be where it is today. They would not have stood the test of time, generation to generation, if it was not for the support of those around them. EDiS has taught me to give back because you never know when you will be the one on the receiving end, needing the help. EDiS has taught me how important it is to help educate our youth and give back to schools because they are our next generation. EDiS is a family company, not by just blood, but by the community family they have gathered over the years.

My Internship at EDiS was one of the most educational experiences I have ever encountered. I have learned so much that I will take with me through my future years in communications. They taught me the lessons of team work, good reputation, and building relationships by letting me have responsibilities I might not have received at other internships. I want to thank EDiS for a great summer and hope that I can become part of the family one day in the future.

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