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PAugust 7, 2018

EDiS Intern Experience: What I Learned from Working with Project Management

Like any new employee before their first day of work, I was pretty nervous about starting my job at EDiS. I was entering into an unfamiliar environment and I didn’t how I would fit into the Project Management department here.

All of my concerns were extinguished as soon as I stepped out of the elevator onto the fourth floor, where I met the friendliest team I could have ever imagined. I learned my first lesson at EDiS: it’s okay to be nervous on your first day. While getting out of your comfort zone might seem scary at first, you can end up meeting really cool people and learning a lot!

As an intern, I recognized the importance of my role as an aid to my mentors. Even when I was given the simplest of tasks, it felt very fulfilling to “lighten the load” of my coworkers and to help them tackle their busy schedules. A simple “Thank you” or, as DJ would say, “You’re the bomb, Olek,” made me feel valuable. I felt like I was really making a difference here. I learned so much about the construction management business. From becoming more efficient with the computer-based tasks in the office, to getting hands-on experience on the job site, I definitely received a well-rounded education about the industry.

To be able to be a part of a project from start to finish must be an incredible feeling for each of these workers. One day, I would like to set foot on a site after it’s been completed and say “I was part of this project!” It was an honor to be hired by EDiS for the summer and a pleasure to work with all of these incredibly awesome workers. Going into my second year at Delaware Technical Community College and continuing with my major of Construction Management, my summer with EDiS has convinced me that this career path is well worth it!


By: Olek Kostyszyn

Edited by: Emily Paolucci

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