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PAugust 1, 2018

EDiS Intern Experience: My Summer with BIM

A few days ago, during the annual EDiS summer intern tour and lunch, CEO (my father) Brian DiSabatino stressed the growing importance of technology in the workforce. “You cannot over-invest in technology,” he emphasized to us as we ate our bottomless steak fries at Red Robin. It has been about three months since I began my internship with the BIM department and I can say with confidence that my dad’s advice could not be more true. Throughout this summer, I’ve learned about how the EDiS BIM department is the “middle-man” powerhouse that saves countless hours (and dollars) on job sites by applying knowledge in multiple areas to solve simple and complex problems. My coworkers are the modern-day renaissance men!

With the help of engineering programs such as Navisworks, AutoCAD, and Revit, I learned a variety of essential technical skills. I hope that familiarity with these programs will provide me with a much-needed edge in my courses at the Citadel. Dave Shaffer also shared his knowledge of the Tremble system and the scanner. It was my first time using “high tech” equipment in the field, and I realized how important exact measurements and double-checking your work is. Between working in the office and in the field, the BIM department showed me what “real-world,” “on-your-feet” problem solving looks like and the importance of coordination among each department.

Working at EDiS is always a pleasure. The friendly atmosphere and the personal conversations always help my day go by quicker. It’s evident that the people in this office care about each other, which isn’t necessarily commonplace in the workforce. I have very much enjoyed another summer with EDiS and I hope to eventually return for another great experience. I’m glad I was placed in the BIM department for my internship, because I learned skills that will carry me through my career at the Citadel, Army, and eventually EDiS.


By: Jacob DiSabatino

Edited by: Emily Paolucci

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