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PAugust 6, 2018

EDiS Intern Experience: #BuildingWhatMatters By Building The Family

It can become easy for people to lose sight of the reason why they work for a company. We get so caught up in learning new skills, meeting deadlines, and eagerly accepting any opportunity that presents itself, that we forget why we are working so hard in the first place.

This summer, EDiS showed me why.

During a perusal of their website prior to beginning my internship, I had learned that EDiS is run and operated by fourth and fifth generation family members. As a family business, it came as no surprise to me that the company’s promoted values were family and community. However, I was blown away with just how naturally and authentically EDiS embodied this intimate culture.

I felt like a member of the EDiS family from Day One, when I was taken through a tour of the building and introduced to everyone in each department. As encouragement to learn and remember my co-workers, my marketing mentors, Melissa and Allison, made me a handbook of everyone’s name, picture, and job title. For someone who is usually very bad at remembering names, this handbook was a saving grace for the first few weeks!

An example of a #MondayMotivation post that I created for the EDiS Twitter page

Throughout my first week, many employees came up to my desk to re-introduce themselves, ask me about school, and offer advice. I even got the privilege to join the “walking club” during lunchtime, where I enjoyed scenic views of the waterfront and socialized with my co-workers.

During my internship at EDiS, I felt like my efforts mattered. Something as seemingly trivial as knowing everyone at my job by name and position reminded me that my work affects more than just myself, and I realized that working with people that I genuinely care about motivates me to put my best foot forward.

In an industry where coordination is crucial for success, it’s important for people to be aware of how their actions impact those around them. Maybe this is the reason why EDiS focuses on fostering this close-knit environment. I think that what “Matters” in their tagline, “Building What Matters,” is strengthening and maintaining the EDiS “family” itself. By investing time in getting to know everyone, the team at EDiS stays up to date on each others’ assignments, and each employee cares about how his or her work impacts others’. Building a working culture of family and community is What Matters.

After being here for about three months, I can say that it is truly a unique experience to work for a company that acts as a family, and it is one that I will never forget. Finishing my internship is bittersweet. In addition to ending the summer with a better understanding of the A/E/C industry and improved marketing skills, I leave EDiS with a healthier work mindset and an abundance of love for my new family.


By: Emily Paolucci

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