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PDecember 20, 2010

EDiS Forefront of the Green Movement

Since the end of the year is quickly approaching, I would like to take a brief minute to review the many green advances which EDiS has made and thank everyone who has made this possible. While the country as a whole has increased their focus on green construction and practices, we at EDiS have tried to remain at the forefront of the green movement. Our first two attempts at green construction were implemented prior to my entry into the EDiS Green Team as its commissioner. EDiS’ first foray into green construction was the decision to install solar panels on our home office’s rooftop. This was an important decision made by Andy DiSabatino and expertly implemented by our self taught solar expert Mike Freda. The second jump into green construction was the construction of our first LEED certified building, the I-95 Welcome Center. This project is currently waiting for its final approval by the Green Building Council, but is scheduled to receive a LEED certification. My hats off to the team behind this project for not only constructing a beautiful green building, but in completing the construction in such a short time period (Less than one year!!!). This project also just recently received an ABC Green Building Award.  PrintIn the past year, the EDiS Green Team has focused on several items to make our company more green. Our first focus was on training. We feel that you cannot build green if you do not fully understand green. Prior to our revamping of the green team last January, we had seven LEED accredited professionals and twelve Green Advantage certified professionals. Our first task was to train the rest of our employees in Green Construction. Not only our estimators and project managers, but also our office personnel and field managers. We have since provided “Your Role in the Green Environment” training to our remaining 44 employees not already trained in green practices. It is our hope that our employees not only use green practices in the office, but also take and use what they have learned in their homes. We also have scheduled LEED AP training for six additional project managers to be completed in the upcoming months. The Green Team’s other important task for the past year was implementing green practices in our own offices. Many modifications to our daily procedures and in the actual construction of our office have made our company a more environmentally friendly and eco-conscious company. These practices culminated in our being awarded the ABC Green Contractor certification. We are proud to be the first in our area and only the fourteenth company in the nation to receive this honor. We plan to continue and expand upon our green practices as our company grows in the future. My sincere thanks to all of the members of the EDiS Green Team. Without your hard work none of these honors would have ever been achieved.


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