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PJune 11, 2012

Compromise…Just do it!: Meeting in the Middle for Politics

So as I sit at my desk on this rainy morning and look across the Christina River, besides watching the tide ebb and flow, I am contemplating the power of compromise. In political terms the definition could look like this:

To compromise is for the Republican and Democratic Party to agree on an issue where each party gives up part of their demand.”


I was taught early on the “compromise “ of a Snickers Bar. Today, if the two parties wanted to split and share a Snickers Bar these are the steps they would have to follow:


  1. Establish a procedure and a task force to determine the correct measurement of its length thereby determining a center line.
  2. Weights and measures would develop a process to determine the most accurate measuring tool and how much excess wrapper needs to be factored to make the cut.
  3. Mars, Incorporated has been making Snickers for 82 years but the EPA is concerned about friable nougat while OSHA is writing guidelines on how to make the cut. The GSA is not a part of this story!
  4. The ADA review is ongoing.
  5. The Inspector General is inspecting.
  6. The CBO is evaluating the cost
  7. The Department of Labor is making a determination on Davis Bacon prevailing wages for Snicker cutters
  8. And the bill has grown to 2,700 pages that no one has read!!


Why can’t it be done like this: Harry Reid (D) and John Boehner (R) flip a coin to determine who will cut the Snickers Bar. If Harry wins the coin flip and makes the cut, John can take the first piece. That is schoolyard compromise. So the lesson here is that each party gives up part of their demand for the greater good. Can it be any simpler then that?

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