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PMay 23, 2017

Arts in April Spotlight: Christine Yung

Arts in April

ID5A2136-smallsqArtist: Christine Yung, Accounts Payable Clerk

Media/Work:  Cooking

Time working in this media: more than 20 years

What inspires you?  I love cooking, because I like to make the people I care about happy with my food. I particularly like baking, because baking allows you to put more of your own spin on things. I often change up the recipe, and I love to experiment with different ways to IMG_7218bake. My experiments don’t always work, but when they do, great things can happen! Cooking always gives me a sense of calm, because I get to focus on what I am doing and not think about everything else happening. And my son has inherited my passion for cooking – but he is often better at it than me!

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