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PJune 21, 2019

A Tribute to Rick DiSabatino

June 2019 marks the end of an era as Rick DiSabatino retires from EDiS Company. Rick began his ‘official’ tenure in 1980 but worked for many years before then to help build the family business. While generations of his cousins were building the front end of the business, Rick was the quiet force building the program in the field. Rick is a ‘superintendent’s guy’ –  he has been the face of the company to the contractor world. You would be hard-pressed to find a foreman, trade contractor, or supplier that has not interacted with Rick at some point in their career and been made better for it.

Rick led by example, demonstrating how we can work as one team, one family. His focus on safety was hardwired into our corporate culture, and the EDiS of today has him to thank for our record of getting our team home safe – every night.

More important than his professional accomplishments, though, Rick will be remembered as the brother/uncle/father/grandfather that everyone loved. Rick has always been there to support and guide us with his experience and wisdom. He was sure to ask about your family, about your life, and to really care about the answers you gave.

Rick always says that our company is the people – and we agree. Rick has made his mark on the EDiS culture, one that will be carried on for the generations to come. We thank him for his dedication, his mentorship, and his friendship, and we wish him a peaceful and happy retirement!

Out of the Office, but Never Out of the Game!

A Message from Richard P. DiSabatino, Jr.

June marks my retirement from EDiS Company, and this marks my last Executive Message for the EDiSinside newsletter. I am blessed to be a part of the DiSabatino family, and the heritage of Ernesto DiSabatino’s dream of coming to America to start a family and a business. My grandfather, parents, uncle, and cousins guided me and encouraged me, helping me to be successful in my career. Together, we have proudly and gratefully carried on our family’s traditions.

Left: Brian holding his cousin Adam, Paul A. (Brian’s grandfather), and Rick holding his son Dominick in 1989.
Right: We can’t decide what we like better, Rick’s hair or his pants…

I have worked for our company in some capacity for almost 46 years, and I thank God every day for being so fortunate. I know this may sound cliché, but it’s true – I believe my strength and perseverance in being successful in this business has come from my wife, Chrissy. She is my best friend, business consultant, voice of reason, and the love of my life. My children, Dominick, Adam, and Samantha, were my inspiration to work hard and provide for them. I have always deeply believed in family and faith first.

Left: Rick and his wife Chrissy at the Beebe Ball, November 2017.
Right: Rick and family at his son Dominick’s wedding, September 2018.

It all started when I was 16 and worked as a laborer/carpenter helper with Ernest DiSabatino and Sons. I spent seven summers and winters working in the field. For the next 38 years, my path included Assistant Project Manager, Project Manager, Vice President, Safety Director, Director of Field Operations, President of Ernest DiSabatino and Sons, and finally, Executive Vice President for EDiS. Wearing these many hats provided me with countless unique experiences working on an inestimable number of diverse projects with hundreds of people from all walks of life.

I believe the lessons I learned from working in the field became the cornerstone for how I have lived my life. My early years at EDiS taught me the importance of teamwork, cooperation, honesty, integrity, caring, and quality workmanship – it was truly a family.

Some of the best superintendents Ernest DiSabatino and Sons/EDiS have ever had – Teddy DiTaddeo, Joe Jacobi, Louie Casalena, Johnny Patterson, Hughie McBride, Richard Pedicone, Sr. – were my mentors. They were like uncles to me. They made me work and work hard. No special ‘boss’s son’ excuses! They taught me about our business and about life. I was blessed to learn so much from them.

Left: Rick with Senior Superintendent Mark Nordquist.
Center: Rick and Richard Pedicone, Sr.
Right: Chris McCone, Bruce Braughton, Hughie McBride, Carmen Paolino, and Rick at the EDiS Christmas Party, 2002.

I have been fortunate to work on so many different types of projects … too many to list. I started my career working as a carpentry/concrete contractor on general construction projects – which is mostly what Ernest DiSabatino and Sons did in the 70s, 80s and 90s. We worked on manufacturing facilities, laboratories, refineries, chemical plants, etc. As time went on, I progressed into construction management and operations at EDiS. We built and renovated: company headquarters, banks, schools, colleges, hospitals, doctor’s offices – you name it, we built it.

Very early in my career, I was assigned the responsibility for safety. I took this role very, very seriously. I could never be considered a safety engineer, but I worked hard to advance a comprehensive safety program built upon plans that had been a company priority since the 1950s. Our safety program has been successful because the men and women of EDiS fundamentally believe in the importance of a culture based upon safety. We are totally committed to safety!

Quality workmanship has also always been a priority at EDiS. For several years now we have earnestly been developing a proprietary QA/QC program. It is built on EDiS’ customized processes and procedures. The key to its success is how we consistently implement our processes and procedures and how we are steadfast in verifying their efficiency.

Responsibility for our QA/QC program came as a result of my expanded involvement, over the years, in operations. I worked less on specific projects and more on the overall operation of many projects. It might sound crazy, but when I was no longer responsible for the actual day-to-day progress of our projects, I did miss the excitement (but not the stress!), the daily teamwork, and the personal connections.

Left: Andy, Brian, Dickie, Paulie, and Rick, 1988.
Right: Ted, Brian, Andy, Frannie, and Rick at a 2003 Quarterly Meeting.

I don’t want to be the old guy rambling on telling war stories, so it must be time to conclude. I am grateful for the many people at EDiS: our clients; our contractors and subcontractors; our engineers, architects, and consultants; and our state and local officials. They have provided abundant opportunities for me, for my family, and for our company. My sincere and heartfelt THANK YOU!

As I wrap up this full-time chapter of my life, I look forward to continuing my involvment by helping to mentor our young people and watching them grow and advance the success of our exceptional EDiS family. I may be ‘out of the office’ but I will never be ‘out of the game!’

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