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PMay 19, 2017

A Culture of Respect

traffic-coneAt EDiS, we look at every single day as a celebration of safety. When a son, husband, dad, brother, sister, mom, or daughter returnsZero Accidents logo through the same door from which they left in the morning, that is a victory for safety. Last year in our industry, 900 families did not have that celebration: a harsh reminder of the risks that we in the construction industry face every day. Safety is a large component of the EDiS culture, one which we are proud to call a culture of commitment and respect. Respect for our clients, respect for our community, and respect for each other rules the day at EDiS.

“Safety is not about checklists and requirements. It is about our passion for our people, and our commitment to their well-being. It is an intrinsic part of our culture. Safety does not execute itself – people execute safe practices, and our people do it right.”- Rick DiSabatino


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