Pull Planning Project Scheduling

Efficient. Effective. Economical.

Pull planning is a project planning and management tool used by EDiS teams to improve efficiency during the preconstruction phase. It is a visual representation of an entire project, from start to finish, that helps manage scope, schedule, and resources. The key is focusing on breaking down the project into smaller tasks and then working backwards to ensure that everything is completed on time and on budget. This is the opposite of “push” planning, where predetermined dates are used and never flexed. The visual pull plan, which involves using color coded sticky notes to indicate different teams and their tasks on a calendar, helps identify areas of risk, critical activities, and other problems that may arise during the project.



Over the past ten years, EDiS has finished 94% of our projects on time or early.



Of the 6% that finished behind schedule, most were delayed by those early days of COVID.



Weeks delayed of that 6%

“Pull planning is a win-win-win situation. It’s a win for the client, win for the contractors, and a win for us. I always say it’s a combination of communication, collaboration, and cooperation.”

Chris McCone EDiS Vice-President & Operations Manager

Pull Planning Case Study - Crystal Run Elementary School

The EDiS team mobilized on the Appoquinimink School District job site exactly on time in October of 2021 despite the challenges of COVID-19. However, due to particularly bad weather in the winters of both 2021 and 2022 and delays with permitting, the project fell behind by about three months. EDiS’ Operations Manager Chris McCone and Project Manager Warren Ellis then implemented the pull planning system on top of the master schedule to bring the schedule right back on track. In fact, parts of the job are now slightly ahead of schedule and the school will be delivered on time in order to meet the school opening deadline.