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Operate for maximum value.

A newly constructed or renovated facility is a company asset. After we Plan & Build, EDiS is ready to help operate those assets for maximum value.

Over the decades, we have developed a suite of services that frees our customers from the worries of day-to-day facility operations, or at least helps make them better equipped if they decide to manage things on their own.

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Since your building is an asset, maintaining occupancy drives receivables and maintaining the physical building drives value and rents.

Facilities Management

Building owners utilize our facilities management company, Asset Management Alliance (AMA) to help them maintain their facility in lieu of full-time staff. This helps to maintain or increase the value of the asset. AMA’s expertise in developing operating budgets, managing condominium/multi-tenant office buildings and managing the diverse vendors necessary to maintain a facility are why so many companies work with AMA.

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Tenant Improvement Budgeting

If your organization owns an asset with tenants other than your own team, EDiS can provide budgeting and design management services to complete space plans and budgets for your tenants and potential tenants. This information allows your organization to make sound financial decisions when negotiating leases.

Minor Capital Improvements

Coordinating multiple trade contractors to price, complete and focus on minor capital improvement projects can be a challenge for any organization.  If your facility is in need of minor improvements or your organization has a budget for investing in your asset and you need to know upon what items to focus, our team can help. We can get the trade contractors’ attention and manage the improvements so your team can focus on your business.