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EDiS BIM Services

EDiS Company has been a construction industry leader since 1908. Because we thoroughly understand the construction process, we continuously innovate and transform our practices to be ahead of the curve with delivery methods, processes, and technologies.

Early BIM adopters, EDiS and our BIM and VDC (Virtual Design Construction) specialists have deep construction industry knowledge, trade contractor experience and hands-on BIM modeling, coordination and fabrication expertise.  We take great pride in training our clients about Level of Detail (LOD) and the practices within it.

We have all the infrastructure in place to be your BIM guide. We can work virtually. We do not need to be in your geographic location to work with you and for you. We model, coordinate and fabricate where we are and connect directly to you through the use of our special software platform, BuildingBlok. Our staff is educated and trained in the United States and our work is performed in the United States.

We help our clients understand and reap the benefits of the BIM technology revolution by providing Architects, Engineers, Construction Managers, General Contractors, Trade Contractors, Manufacturers, Owners/Operators and Facilities Managers with personalized attention and knowledge that leads to:

  • Improved project outcomes
  • Project cost savings
  • Improved regulatory approval and permitting
  • Lowered risk
  • Better facilities management

Want to find out how EDiS BIM Services can add value to your project? Email us at bim@ediscompany.com or visit www.edisbimservices.com today to connect!


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