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EBS offers Building Supply and Consult

Often times, businesses, developers and other builders are in need of a quality pre-engineered building solution on their projects. EDiS Building Systems has worked in this capacity on numerous projects. The difference in our offering is that we provide the added value of consultation which can have a substantial impact on the project cost, quality and schedule of the projects.

As an example, EDiS Building Systems (EBS) and Butler Manufacturing Company teamed up to provide a hybrid structural system and building enclosure system to provide the Orleans Technical Institute with a new home. A hybrid solution is a combination of various Butler systems as well as conventional steel solutions mixed together to form a cohesive, optimized framing system. The building included a Butler MR-24 roof system and 3” Thermawall wall panel.

The project was value engineered to bring the cost back into budget and EBS played a critical role in identifying and delivering a building that met the needs of the school but greatly reduced the cost of the project. Some of the changes suggested included modifications to the frame layout, realignment of window openings, relocation of HVAC duct and equipment, changes to architectural wall banding, changing snow load over designed snow load requirements and use of stock versus custom colors.

Changing the design and scope of the Butler offering was not as difficult, however as maintaining the delivery schedule. This proved to be a challenge but the building was delivered by the original target date without any delay.

EDiS supported the project team during installation of the building. EBS initiated a pre-installation conference and set up lines of communication. In addition, EBS assisted the building erector with installation questions and more importantly provided numerous quality inspections that were instrumental in the product getting installed correctly the first time.

Vital Stats
Start: September 2006
Delivery: December 2006
Complete: July 2007
Butler Building Cost $ 830,000
Size 75,600 sf
Architect: Daly + Jaboot