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PFebruary 10, 2011

Logistics Rule in Construction

Logistics: the planning, implementation and coordination of the details of a business or other operation. Logistics rule in construction – substitute construction project for the word business and there you have it.

There are many types of logistics on any project. Who is the point person for the owner? Who is the point person for the building? How will the project be invoiced? When will job meetings be held? Those are easy to sort out! The more tricky tasks are: getting the permit with all of its appointments and items to submit, submittals and approvals in short order, loading material onto the job, pricing the project.constructionBut, the trickiest tasks of all for interiors projects are working around a client in an occupied space. Knowledge of the client’s business and office procedures help in crafting a plan of attack for the work. If a client who is a law firm has a big case, we make sure they can still get coffee on a weekend. If a project is upstairs from a tenant and they are having an important meeting – we adjust our work for that day to lessen the sound that gets transferred below. If the logistics to tackle these kinds of challenges are sorted out, odds are the project will go smoothly.


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