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PApril 4, 2012

It’s a Family Affair

EDiS is family owned and operated–an environment that transcends throughout the entire company.  My first day at EDiS did not start off with handshakes and introductions, instead I was greeted with hugs and warm smiles on familiar faces.  The EDiS culture is family-oriented and tight knit, which I have experienced on a first-hand basis my whole life. My mother, Marianne Skipski has been a part of the EDiS family for 31 years.  She is the Corporate Secretary and Supervisor of the Contracts Department.   My father, Ronald Skipski is a Field Manager and has been with EDiS for 10 years.

I have been a regular visitor here for 25 years.  I can remember visiting the office when it was located on 4th and Greenhill.

During those visits, my brother and I thought we hit the jackpot when we found the “office candy” courtesy of Dickie DiSabatino who loved having candy and gum in the office.  There were also the picnics at Paulie DiSabatino’s farm that my family attended.  Memories of swimming in the pool and riding the tractor always put a smile on my face.  Now almost 20 years later I am also able to be a part of the EDiS family professionally.

After catching up with those who haven’t seen me in a few years, I was shown my new workspace in the Accounting Department, a department I grew familiar with as an intern back in high school.  As I sit at my desk, which is located next to my aunt, Rhonda Burg, I think to myself… “nothing beats the feeling of coming to work with family everyday.”


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