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PMay 22, 2014

Ideas to Change Your School or Company


I just attended the EDiS Institute in Wilmington, Delaware.  EDiS is a thriving construction company and supports vocational education.  EDiS’ Institute raises funds for vocational education and develops the leadership of its company, its associates, and leaders in vocational education.  EDiS telecasted Leadercast, a series of leadership speakers with periods of networking in between.  EDiS also invited dozens of students to show off projects and learn from the institute.  The focus was improving leadership, but EDiS came off as the real leader in part because EDiS treated the educators with great respect and as equal partners.

photo-500x375My Top 7 Institute Nuggets:

1.  ”Take more “Yousies” than you do “Selfies.”  Brag on others more than self-promotion.

2.  ”The problem often is that we celebrate generosity but envy accumulation.”

3.  ”If your leadership isn’t all about you, it will live beyond you.”  Regularly ask people you lead what you can do to help and let them make decisions too.

4.  With work, you, like a boat, always leave a wake.  The wake has two sides— results and relationships.  Optimally, both should be equal and grow together.

5.  Archbishop Desmond Tutu stated that Mandela’s 27 years in jail were not wasted, but were in fact crucial to his success because he went from a focus of retribution to a focus of reconciliation.

6.  Archbishop Desmond Tutu kept saying, “As we sit here now…” and reminded listeners how lucky we really are.  He also proclaimed, “We are all Africans.”

7.  Laura Bush quoted James Baldwin, “Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they never fail to imitate them.”

Group1-500x250The Synthesis Moment / Big Change Idea:

In his speech, Simon Sinek stated something like, “Work-life balance is not only about how much yoga you do – it’s also about feeling safer (happier) at work.”

Recently, almost all ideas I have been hearing about work-life balance focus on cutting back involvement at work, learning how to “play” again off hours, and getting enough sleep.  And those points have their merits.  But a whole other way to “expand the pie” is to make work more fun, community-centered, and engaging.

All these ideas and conferences are stimulating, but need implementation and fruition.  So…I am going to use Leadership, mine and colleagues, to create a deeper school culture amongst my school’s staff because doing so will improve student learning and our collective quality of life.  Many of the points discussed at the institute such as building trust, empowering others, and thinking “beyond me” will be essential to the success of reaching this goal.

Thanks again to my school leaders who put in the work so that I and other teacher could attend, and thanks again to EDiS for their leadership in support of vocational education.

Originally published on thesocialstudsdepartment.com
Author: Allen Sylvester 
                Delcastle Technical High School, Social Studies Department

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