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PJuly 16, 2014

EDiS Internship Experience: Construction Bidding and Estimating

This summer I had the opportunity to intern with Delaware construction management firm, EDiS in the Estimating Department under the supervision of Rob Belfiore, Kurt Vandenbraak, Adam DiSabatino, and Paul Ignudo. Prior to this internship, I had no background in estimating, so I was unsure how I would do with the tasks I was given. However, I quickly learned the many different aspects that are involved in construction estimating and, with the help and patience of everyone in the department, I developed a basic understanding of its workings. I had the opportunity to see a wide variety of jobs come and go in the department and I was lucky enough to be able to work closely on a few of them. While working on these different projects I was able see firsthand how things are done and put together from an estimator’s standpoint.

As a construction technology major, my internship with EDiS provided me an excellent opportunity to see how projects come together from the very early stages.  It also has enabled me to see first-hand how the departments interact with each other so that things are done right and that quality is ensured for every project that is undertaken.

InternshipBlogConstruction BiddingEDiS is a very welcoming company and has a reputation for being the best at what they do. This became clear to me after only a few days of being in the office. Right from the start I was told by everyone that I met that their door was always open if I ever needed anything.  Each member of the EDiS family was accommodating and generous with their time in explaining the ins and outs of their individual departments.   I have benefited greatly from the encouragement and support of everyone in the company. I have had the chance to not only work in the estimating department but also in other areas of the company. I was able to network with various contractors.  I had the chance to visit a few job sites for pre-bid meetings as well as work off of prints for other projects.   I even got to experience the rush of meeting a construction bid deadline and learn the significance of the construction bidding process.

Although my time here at EDiS was short, I was able to build upon my already existing knowledge of the construction industry while learning and being exposed to a whole new set of skills. I had the privilege to not only meet but also work closely with a lot of the great people who make up the EDiS family. There is a strong sense of camaraderie and you can really sense the level of commitment that each member has to the company, the projects they are working on, and for one another.  After being a part of the EDiS Company, it is neat to be able to drive by the many different sites and see the EDiS signs and trailers set up and know first-hand that the job is going to be done right.

After being a part of the EDiS Company it is clear to me why EDiS has been around for so many years and why it has the great reputation that it does as planners, builders and operators in the community.  I am thankful for the opportunity to have interned with an extraordinary company but more importantly to have worked with an exceptional group of people.


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