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PAugust 2, 2018

EDiS Intern Experience: My Summer as a Project Administrator

Starting a new internship can be daunting. Aside from having to assimilate to the culture of a new company, as an intern striving for experience, you are also still learning the industry. Before I started my internship at EDiS, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I didn’t have the healthiest working environment at my last internship, so my prior experience in the construction industry made me hesitant.

The Wilmington University job site

However, between my phone interview with Beth Press and my first day at the company, I realized that my time here would be much different. Everyone was incredibly welcoming, receptive to questions, and willing to help me whenever I needed it. It did not take long for me to feel like part of the team.

As my internship progressed, I became more invested in the Wilmington University building project. The more time I spent working on the project, the more I learned about the flow of construction and the hurdles that can arise along the way.

I saw how working together and being on the same page is integral in avoiding delays. Just like working on a school project, time constraints can become a major obstacle. There is often very little flexibility in the date that you need to complete the project by, so coordination is key. Everyone at EDiS, from the superintendents to the subcontractors, understands this. In fact, they hold weekly meetings as a way to maintain coordination.

Unlike the typical three-month summer internship, I had the opportunity to work with EDiS for about half a year.  Having double the amount of time a normal intern gets, I was able to become more invested in the Wilmington University project. I learned that becoming involved in as much as possible is crucial for getting the most out of the internship experience.

In addition to working in the office on some of the more administrative aspects, I had the opportunity to make regular visits to the site. I learned a lot when I was on site because I was able to see many of the more intricate details of the project that you can miss out on in the office. Becoming part of the team comes naturally because of the people here at EDiS, but making the most out of  your time here and learning as much as possible falls into your own hands. My parting wisdom to future interns: get as involved as you can, and visit the sites whenever you have the chance. The learning opportunities are there if you seek them out!


By: Jim Crosby

Edited by: Emily Paolucci

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