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PDecember 6, 2011

A Team of 70 Superstars

Last month, I attended the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce’s Superstars in Business luncheon. EDiS was the recipient of one of the awards, which recognizes exceptional workplaces throughout the state of Delaware. EDiS is no stranger to this award – we won in 2001 – but our previous win does not diminish the importance of this year’s victory! After listening to the success stories of the other award-winning companies viewing their Superstars Videos, it is refreshing to know that, like EDiS, there are many small businesses here in Delaware that are doing things right!

I feel lucky to be a part of a special company like EDiS. At a time when a lot of companies are trimming their workforce and cutting back on employee salaries and benefits, EDiS is doing just the opposite. And I think a lot of the credit for EDiS’ success lies in the strong leadership at the top. Andy, Rick, and Brian predicted the current economic downturn years ago and planned for the worst. Now that we’ve (hopefully!) weathered the worst of the storm, I feel very comfortable with the direction EDiS’ leaders are taking the company.

Much of the credit for EDiS’ victory can also be attributed to the employees here at EDiS. My co-workers are a group of hard-working, team-oriented professionals. Everyone at EDiS puts the client’s interests above all else. They set a great example for me, as a young professional, to hope to achieve years down the line.

Attending the event has been one of my most memorable experiences as an employee at EDiS. I am happy to say that I work at one of the best workplaces in the state of Delaware!

View EDiS’ Superstars Video that was created for the event.  More information on this year’s awards can be found in the November/December edition of the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce’s Delaware Business magazine.

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